Exercise ideas for health of senior citizen:

There are some renowned organizations and research bodies arguing on adding years which do not have to be the equivalent of losing strength to work or do physical activities. In fact, inactivity is related to the obsolete. Something to get is a 2020 medicare advantage plan that is not used is lost. Experts in the field have developed a series of exercises for the elderly that are designed according to their abilities and the areas that they must strengthen in their bodies. Exercise helps prevent or delay diseases and disabilities typical of the so-called third age. Of course, this must be accompanied by good nutrition and a favorable social environment. So here are some basic exercises by which one can save himself from booking a hospital bed in the future:


It is essential to do resistance exercises to strengthen the breathing and heart rate. The health of the circulatory and respiratory system is the first thing that deteriorates and what needs to be paid attention. It is not only a question of activity but also of consumption.


The muscles lose strength and tonality over the years. That is why it is important to maintain the activity of these, as well as the joints, to have enough strength.


The risks of falls increase dramatically with age. The care of the elderly is focused on avoiding or, where appropriate, treating injuries resulting from a disability.


The joints and bones tend to “freeze”, which makes it necessary to perform stretching exercises. Avoid overloading physical activity after 65 years, because only a geriatrician can define how much and what is the ideal exercise according to the characteristics and conditions of each patient. Daily physical activities also count as an exercise. Any effort focused on strengthening the body will be well received. It is not necessary to start with an extreme and long routine. If the older adult never exercised or did it many years ago, it is important not to start immediately. Everything must follow a gradual order and increase according to how it is felt.

It is not about preparing to compete in Olympic Games, but it is possible that adult who could practically no longer walk, begin to jog and recover the vitality of their best years, just by doing a few minutes of exercise a day. The care of an older adult includes everything from a protective scheme such as medical insurance, to a routine exercise program. Everyone is responsible for their actions but if the older adult depends on us in a certain way, it is our obligation to encourage them to do physical activities.