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Medicare supplement plans – The best options

Medicare supplement plans – The best options in 2019

There is nothing as such good, bad or best Medicare supplement plans it is all about an individual’s requirement for health care coverage and facilities and his or her capacity of spending money on Medicare supplement plans.

Instead of focusing and discussing about any particular Medicare supplement plan we are giving you detailed description of some of the most popular Medicare supplement plans.

An Overview of Medicare supplement plan A

It covers 100% co-insurance of part A of basic Medicare plan. It also covers 100% co-insurance of part B of basic medical plan along with complete cost of first three pins of blood. But it does not cover deductible of part A and excess charge of part B is also not included in this plan. It also does not cover foreign travel care, preventive care, vision care and Dental Care.

An Overview of Medicare supplement plan C

It was specifically designed to provide senior citizens a sense of security when it comes to health insurance.

It ensures the most basic coverage along with Part A coinsurance for extra additional Hospital costs. It also covers Medicare part B preventive care coinsurance along with the first three points of blood. It also provides skilled nursing care co-insurance along with specified foreign travel Healthcare emergency expenses.

An overview of Medicare supplement plan F

It covers the extra cost that goes beyond the coverage of basic Medicare plan. It is often considered as one of the most popular Medicare supplement plans currently available. Plan F offers the best coverage.

Even after the expiry of basic Medicare plan Medicare supplement Plan F provides coverage on Hospital stay for one complete year. It also covers nursing care and travel insurance. It is one of the two plans which covers the deductibles of both Medicare plans A and B.

But since this plan is the most extensive and complete statues of coverage it is also the most expensive policy available

An overview of Medicare supplement plan N

It is generally considered as a cheaper version of the most popular Medicare supplement plan F. It covers all the additional costs incurred but not covered by basic Medicare plan but at a much lower monthly premium.

It covers 100% coincidence of Medicare part A and B along with 100% party deductible it also provides 100% hospice coinsurance and emergency travel care.

But before buying any of the above mentioned plans it is important to do the necessary research and understand each plan as every other plan mentioned here covers different tailored benefits to suit different needs.

Medicare Supplement Plan Comparison

2019 Medicare Supplement Plan Comparison

Before selecting the right healthcare plan to sign up for, it is important that you go through the comparison process for a Medicare Supplement Plan to be certain that you are choosing the right plan out of the many available options. There are 10 plans to choose from which are specific to Medicare supplement plans, and it is easy to make the wrong choice because you did not take enough time to study the options available to you.

So, assuming you have decided to go through the comparison process for Medicare supplement plan; how do you analyze the options which are available?

  1. Find out the exact medical coverage which you require that a basic Medicare cannot cover. Do you need Part A coinsurance, skilled nursing coinsurance, Part B coinsurance, hospice care copayment, excess charges for Part B, Part A or Part B deductibles, or any combination of the above? When going through a Medicare supplement plan comparison process, this is the most important step.

Bear in mind that your reason for choosing a supplemental plan is because your basic Medicare cannot cover for all your medical needs. This is the reason why you should maximize your efforts to find the plan that is best suited for you.

  1. it’s time to look at your available options once you have identified the medical coverage that you need. As earlier mentioned, there are a total of 10 available supplemental plans: Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. Each of the plans is made of a particular combination of the above-mentioned benefits. Plan A is the least comprehensive plan while Plan F is the best option which takes care of all your needs including emergency support for foreign travel.
  2. After making comparisons, narrow down your options to at least 2, at most 3 options. This is where you spend more time to analyze your options. This constitutes the bulk of the comparison process for Medicare supplement plan. In the end, prioritize the 2 or 3 plans based on what your needs are and according to your preference.

AARP Medicare supplement Plans 2019

  1. The next thing to do is to look at your current financial situation. Which of the plans is suitable for what you can pay out monthly as premium? Endeavor to live within your means; if you need a Plan B but what you can afford is a Plan A, you may have to reach a compromise. If it is really an urgent need, you have no reason why you should not go beyond your means so as to get the plan that will suit your needs.
  2. Choose the right plan based on a careful deliberation of your financial position and your needs. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules to guide you to select the best plan. Your analysis in Step 3 will give you everything you need to reach an informed conclusion.

Do not sign up for a medical policy without first going through a Medicare supplement plan comparison process. You may either end up overpaying for a plan you do not need, or settle for a plan that does not meet your needs at all.

Fun Party Ideas For Seniors

Who says grandpas and grannies can’t enjoy all the things they come across? Below, we have listed our top 5 fun and creative party ideas which you may want to try as a senior.

While having fun is vital.  Planning for unexpected health emergencies is important.  Enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 to be proactive.

  1. Concert


Age should not be a barrier when it comes to enjoying music. The fact is, each one of us irrespective of our age loves music. If you are looking to get yourself off your feet and sing or dance to the content of your heart, incorporating fun rewards or creating a concert on a particular theme can definitely do the trick. You can perform a solo act or form groups to dance on your favorite songs, entertain everybody and make the party truly energetic.

Medicare supplement Plans for 2019

  1. Trivia


We all love trivia. If few of the participants are not familiar with this game, you could go with a basic game format & pick exciting trivia questions for seniors. Try to pick fun topics, for instance, celebs, music or movies from your era. Rest assured, the party is likely to be an entertaining period for all the participants.


  1. Bingo


Baby boomers and seniors enjoy bingo game all the time. Why not organize one such night as your party idea? Bingo game can also be ideal for seniors with limited mobility. They’ll be able to enjoy the game just like everybody else. To add your own twist, you could also involve a specific theme, like 50’s artists to spice up the night.


  1. Auctions


Another unique idea for a senior party can involve having all the attendees carry in any stuff which they won’t mind auctioning off. This way, you can transform a regular party into a creative one. The final amount can go to a selected charity or even a general pool so as to split it up among everyone at the end of the event. You might even want to add another twist to the auction game by adding it to your list of fun themes for the rest of the night.


When you are looking to plan a party for baby boomers or seniors, there are plenty of fun and creative themes which you may want to turn into reality. However, be sure to select a comfortable location which can help make the event truly enjoyable & memorable. Ultimately, you are likely to have a party full of lasting memories, laughs, and smiles.

Effective Tips for Saving On Your Senior Citizens Travel

People who have retired in a circumstance where they have both time as well as money will possibly find themselves in a situation where they can benefit from senior travel more than most. However, simply because you have the cash does not mean you spend more than required does it? On contrary, if you’re in a position where you find yourself out of cash then shouldn’t you have some sort of option likewise? The fact is, a limited flow of cash does not have to be a major factor when you are making choices for enjoying your vacation. In this post, we have listed a few tips to help you enjoy your dream vacation on a budget.

Seniors can get a quote and enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 to avoid extra medical bills.

1) Discounts for seniors


Among the first things which you want to find out while traveling is to check the availability of seniors discounts. It might surprise you but quite a few resorts and locations offer discounts for baby boomers or seniors especially during an off-season.


2) Book your seat well in advance


Even if you see plenty of discount sites popping up each day, still you should avoid waiting until the very last minute for booking your ticket. We recommend you to reserve your tickets at least six to eight weeks prior to your proposed travel date. This additional effort will ensure you enjoy the best possible discount for your holiday. Also, with this, you’ll notice you are able to pick the best seat as per your liking. Whenever possible you’ll also want to reduce the total luggage that you take with you to avoid an additional hassle.


3) Public transportation

By using a public transport service, you will soon realize you can easily save a decent amount of cash on car rentals. Besides, if you have some extra time you will be able to enjoy the city to the fullest which would otherwise have been impossible with a regular car rental service.


4)  Travel with family or friends


By bringing along your friends or family, you can enjoy significant savings especially by sharing a vacation rental or snagging a discount from the travel service which provides group discounts. Also, when you have friends or family with you, it’ll be an exciting opportunity for creating lifelong memories together which is priceless.


To conclude, be sure to take into consideration the above tips that will allow you to save some cash on your travel expenses. Furthermore, you will discover that the majority of the above tips are applicable to almost any travel situation you encounter.



Insurance in all aspects is used to supplement where one is anticipating an occurrence such that if in any case, it happens, it will help out manage the costs that ought to have been incurred by the individual senior.

It comes in hardy to support in case there is financial hardship and sickness has stricken.

Medicare insurance is purposely meant for those people who have retired or younger people who are below 65 years of age and are either disabled permanently or partially.

When one is retired, Medicare insurance will be paid by the employer through the pension that had been saved for that purpose. The premiums at this stage will not be a bother. It is the obligation of the senior that is concerned to do research and come up with the type of insurance that they would wish to have.


aarp medicare advantage plan

However, there is also the individualized insurance whereby the retiree can apply and pay the premiums direct from his pockets though there is a portion that the federal government in America will cater for to help such seniors ease the burden.

The other issue when taking individualized premium is when you want to make the insurance that is not covered by the government such as the Medicare supplement plans where the premiums will be solely paid by yourself. Medicare supplement insurance is useful because it includes those costs that are not covered by the Medicare original and may help reduce taking long in the hospital because of any unpaid bills.

Medicare insurance also takes into consideration the disabled as mentioned earlier through a disability income insurance which will pay for the premiums of the disabled senior and this one comes in handy especially when one is unable to work due to either extended disability or permanent disability.

When Opting for Medicare insurance, like a AARP Medicare Advantage plan, it’s important to think of what it will cover and to what extent. For further details and a quote go to

For instance, one may ask themselves questions like;

  1. Will it include the conditions that are already in existence
  2. If it will cover, what additional costs are there in case of top ups due to the conditions.
  3. How many family members will it cover?

All these combined will enable a person to make a concrete decision regarding the best type of Medicare insurance to take and if it will be long-term to avoid shopping for the Medicare every year.

Any time that the Medicare insurance is taking the course, it’s important to ask yourself how with it is taking it instead of paying hospital bills in cash. When you evaluate the advantages, then the highest number will always go for the insurance.



Can you change Medicare supplement plans at any time?

Medicare is a national health insurance program in the United States which aims to provide aid for people above 65, younger people with disabilities, and people with ESRD. However, it doesn’t cover some of the health care costs (Copyaments, Coinsurance and Deductibles). In that case, a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy comes to aid.

What is the process of changing Medicare supplement plans?

medicare advantage plans 2019 After you acquire Medicare part B plan, and are 65 years of age or older, the Medigap Open Enrolment Period begins, where, as provisioned by the federal law, you have a guaranteed right to buy Medicare Supplement plans.

You cannot be turned down or charged more (due to existence of a pre-existing health condition) by insurers during this period.

However, you may want to switch if you’re not satisfied with the benefits of the existing plan, you’re in need of more benefits, you want to change your insurance company, or you want to switch to a different plan that costs less.

To change Medicare advantage plans for 2019 visit

These are generally not allowed by the federal laws unless the Enrollment Period is active, or due to a guaranteed issued right. However, that doesn’t mean switching between plans is impossible, if your insurance company is willing to sell you a different plan.

In that case, you may first apply for a new a Medigap policy from your new insurer, and if it is accepted, you may call your current insurance company to terminate your coverage, by submitting a request, as per the company needs.

You will have a 30-day free look period if you’re not yet decided in your new policy, and it is wise to not cancel your existing plan before deciding to keep the new policy.

What are situations under which you’re allowed to switch your Medicare supplement policy?

You are allowed to switch, if

  • Your 6-month open enrolment period is still valid and in existence.
  • You’re eligible under certain guaranteed issue rights.

The guaranteed issue rights are valid if:

  1. Your insurance company may be going bankrupt or out of business.
  2. The company committed fraud.
  3. The company misled you.

It’s important to keep in mind that, if you do not qualify for any of the reasons stated above, you may need to answer specific questions or pay more for a new Medicare advantage plans.

What Medicare Part B deductible for 2018?

This is basically part B annual deductible. Part B annual deductible is basically an element that is found in Medicare supplement plan where you will be expected to pay $183 each and every yea. This payment will go towards covering Part B deductibles. It is called a deductible basically because it can either be deducted from your gross salary as well as from your contributions into the plan. As soon as your deductible is achieved or met, then you will proceed to the next step where you will pay 20% of Medicare. The approved amount will be for the following purposes.

Aetna Medicare supplement plansThe Medicare-approved amount will cover most of the services. This services includes most of the services offered by doctors in a health care setting. Some of the doctors’ services which will be covered by Part B annual deductible include services such as consultation, special clinics and even special operations.

In that case, if you are enrolled in a Medicare part B deductible, you need to be aware of the fact that the Medicare approved amount will help you accrue of benefit from services offered by doctors in a hospital setting. For example, if you are suffering from a chronic disease that requires regular check-ups, then, it is the Part B annual deduction that will service such cost and all the costs associated with whatever services will be offered by doctors during these special clinics. To enroll in Aetna Medicare Supplement plans visit

The Part B annual deductible amount will also cater for consultation fee. In most case, the consultation fee requires us to pay using our own pocket cash. The good news is that with Part B plan, it is now possible to allow your Medicare supplement plan to cater for all the consultation services fee. This will eventually lift the burden off your shoulder because it doesn’t matter how many consultations you will seek. All of your consultation expenses will be covered in the long run.

Last but not least, most inpatient services such as special care such as special operations will be covered by the Part B annual deduction plan. In most cases, people worry about their inpatient service costs because they can exceed their financial abilities. With Medicare supplement plan, through Part B annual deduction, it has been possible even for such huge hospital costs to be covered completely. The Part B annual deductible is what has made many patients recover and get out of hospital without financial debts.